Answers to some of your most favorite questions ;)

How do i receive my photos after the photo shoot ?

As soon as your photos are ready, you will receive a download link containing all the files. 

Do you do free photo shoots? 

Yes, sometimes I do. I have only one condition: I must really really like your project. I'm always open for collaboration! It can be an interesting portrait photo shoot or even a wedding. So feel free to drop me a line and describe your project, I love to create :) 

can you send me one or two edited pictures the next day? 

I know how badly you want to post that cute pick with the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop, we've all been there. This is why I can edit your photos within 24 hours. This costs extra 50% from the initial price of the photo shoot. 

Do you send unedited photos?

No, I only send you an edited selection of your photos. It is possible to receive also the unedited images for an additional fee. 

What if it rains?

Oh, a little rain has never hurt anyone. We can also make pictures at a cosy parisian café, or we can always reschedule. 

do you offer make up and hair services? 

I don't, but I do know a few very talented hairstylists and makeup artists and will be happy to share their contacts with you :) 

Can i select my own photos?

No, I do the selection for you. Trust me, it's much faster this way :)

How long does it take to edit photos? 

It depends on the type of the photo shoot but usually you receive the edited photos within two to three weeks after the photo shoot.. 

can you not publish my photos on social media?

 Yes, it is possible for an additional fee. Please notify me in advance if you do not wish me to publish your photos.